Two Ancient Love Songs

  1. I Love A Girl
  2. My Beloved Spake

‘I Love A Girl’ was written in 2013 as a wedding present for a long time friend. It is a setting of a love poem discovered in a workmen’s village from Dier el-Medina dating from 1300 – 1100 BC. The text used is from LOVE SONGS OF THE NEW KINGDOM, translated from the Ancient Egyptian by John L Foster, and published by University of Texas Press.

A MIDI version of I Love A Girl

‘My Beloved Spake’ was written in the summer of 2016. The text is probably the best known passage from the Song of Solomon, the book of old Hebrew love poems from the Bible. The setting adopts a lush harmonic idiom, reminiscent of Finzi or Howells, with some little ‘twists’ thrown in to add some exotic colour.

It was first performed by Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Cantata Choir, directed by Mike, in the Golden Jubilee Concert of June 2017.

My Beloved Spake, performed by Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Cantata Choir at the Golden Jubilee concert in June 2017.

The two pieces will be performed together for the first time at the concert ‘All You Need Is Love’ at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral in May 2021.

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